Insurance Claims Case Management:

Baxter Law Firm specializes in first-party insurance claims management. We work alongside your contractors to help restore your property after a tragic loss.  Hiring our Insurance Case Management team in advance is to help you avoid hiring our Litigation Team later if there is a problem with your homeowners insurance claim.

Property Damage Attorney

Conflict of Interest:

When you experience a tragic loss such as fire, flood or storm damage, your insurance company may attempt to underpay or deny your claim in an effort to save money. Insurance companies are profit-driven corporations. Your insurance company will send out one of their adjusters or an “independent” adjuster to determine how much to pay. Do you see the problem with this?

Your insurer has a vested interest in paying the lowest amount of money possible to “fix” the damage under your insurance policy contract. Your insurance company has millions and sometimes billions of dollars invested in adjusters and legal teams to represent their interests; You need our firm to represent your interests to ensure that your insurance company makes good on their contractual obligations under your insurance policy.

How our Case Management team helps you:

When you contact our firm, our Case Management team jumps into action to protect your interests under your insurance policy. Our firm staffs public adjusters that will perform an initial inspection of the damage to your property. Contrary to what your insurance company may tell you, their adjusters work for them; our adjusters work for you! It is important to have our firm on your side before you make a claim with your insurer. Hiring our firm first will ensure that an artificially low reserve amount will not be set by an adjuster that works for your insurance company.

Windstorm Damage:

Your home can be damaged by wind in many ways, including Hurricanes, Tornadoes and Straight-Line winds. Sometimes, severe thunderstorms may cause microbursts that are capable of producing high winds in excess of 50 miles per hour. At times, this damage may be visible to the naked eye – missing or lifted shingles, removed or partially removed roofing systems, and even broken windows. However, sometimes these damages may be unseen and may cause significant loss in the future – “zippered” shingles, lifted tile or metal sheeting on your home or commercial building may cause fasteners or nails to come loose. This may cause additional stress to delicate weather seals as well as internal structural damage which may result in ceiling and wall cracks; it may also cause doors not to close properly. This may compromise the weatherproofing of your home.

Hail Damage:

Hail damage can be one of the more complicated perils a homeowner or business owner can face. Many times, hail damage is not easily or readily visible to the home or commercial property owner. However, that doesn’t mean that your property hasn’t sustained hail damage. Hail can compromise the weather barrier material and/or the integrity of roofing shingles, metal roofs, or entire roofing systems and may significantly effect your roof’s effectiveness.

The resulting damage is often times much greater than the sum of the replacement cost, sometimes causing interior damage, health safety concerns (mold and/or mildew damage from leaks), structural damage to decking and support systems, and possibly life safety issues in protecting against future extreme weather conditions.

Flood Damage and Water Pipe Bursts:

Sudden freezing temperatures in Georgia have resulted in billions of dollars of property damage claims due to burst pipes and subsequent water damage to insured property across the south. While the immediate damage is obvious, there may be much more serious long term effects to the structure of your property if the situation is not handled promptly and properly. This is applicable to any sudden water loss to your property, not just during the freeze event.

Furthermore, the cost to mitigate, remediate, and repair the damage to your property may be substantial, not too mention the significant financial damage to your quality of life and cost of living when a loss of use has occurred. This is especially true if you’ve suffered business losses due to water damage to your commercial property.

Fire and Smoke Damage:

Imagine returning from work or a vacation to find your home and all of your precious personal possessions destroyed by a fire; this is one of the most severe losses a property owner can face! After a devastating loss due to fire or smoke damage, you can be reassured that our firm will give you clear guidance and support in salvaging as much of your property as possible and ensuring that your property will be restored under you insurance policy contract.