Residential Property Damage

When disaster strikes, you can count on our firm to assist you in working with your Homeowners' Insurance Company to solve the problem.

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Commercial Property Damage

Your business cannot afford to be shut down during a disaster.  Our firm will fight for you to get back on track.

Business Income Loss

If your business has suffered a slowdown or financial loss due to a covered peril under your Insurance Policy, our team will fight to help you recover those losses.

Baxter Law Firm

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Welcome to Baxter Law Firm. Our firm's solid record and sterling reputation are a testament to our ability in representing you when you're struggling with a tragic loss.

Our unique approach helps you achieve the best results possible by utilizing every available remedy under the law.  Our firm seeks to provide each client an experience tailored specifically to their needs.

Our firm is ready to pursue all legal remedies available under the law to help you receive the best possible results.


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